Carrier-Grade Setup

Crystal Clear Calls, High Traffic Capacity, with 99.999% Network Availability! The APN VoIP Gateway IP is a virtual IP, managed by multiple switches in a hot fail-over environment. If at any time a switch fails, another immediately takes over to ensure continuous network availability. Our VoIP switch uses a multiple Fiber Gigabit Ethernet setup, with a Sansay Switching platform in an Oracle Solaris system. This allows for higher traffic capacity, less congestion, and calls that sound as if you are right there! On top of that, we utilize multiple Tier-1 Carrier Termination which enables us to provide the most optimized routes for you calls. Currently, our switch handles over 3 million calls per day. Now that's unparalleled reliability!

VoIP Experience & Expertise

Over 25 Years Experience in Telecommunications and Tier-1 Carriers. Our founder, Mr. Kevin Ford, has been in the telecommunications industry with Tier-1 carriers for over 25 years. His experience and knowledge makes APN the leading and fastest growing VoIP provider in the country. His core management team consists of individuals with expertise in networking, software engineering, sales and marketing, finance, and customer service, all contributing to the goal of providing the best VoIP service to our clients.

24/7/365 Technical Support

Around-the-Clock Technical Support Even on Holidays! You don't need to wait US time for support. Our experienced NOC engineers are available around-the-clock, (even on holidays!) and can be reached via phone, e-mail, instant messenger, and Live Chat. From Asterisk configuration, dialer setup (such as Drishti and ViciDial), trunk configuration, to simple account changes, our team will be glad to help you out!

User-Friendly Customer Portal

Manage Your Account with Ease! With the new and improved Customer Portal, you can now manage your account with ease! Download your Call Data Records and invoices, check your payment history, monitor your account activity, and order and cancel DIDs and TFNs. You can even make a payment through the Portal using your Paypal account. Never has any other VoIP provider allowed that much control and transparency!

Call Center Specialty

We Not Only Accept Call Center Clients, We SPECIALIZE in Them! Many of our clients are based in the Philippines. Because of this, we are continuously molding our service to meet the needs of local businesses. To date, we service more than 200 Call Centers in the country, each one with services tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, we make it easy for you to make payments by providing Dollar and Peso payment options as well as credit cards and Paypal. No matter how big or small your business is, we have something that is right for you!

APN Premium Route

Fast, High-Capacity, Dedicated Circuit with NO Downtime! For those of you who want only the best, we have for you the APN Premium Route. For basic internet functions such as surfing, email, chat, downloading and uploading, your data packets will travel the standard internet routing (12-16 hops, 180-200ms). On the other hand, VoIP packets (voice calls) will travel over a high-capacity (600MB) dedicated circuit (IPLC) (3 hops, 152ms, NO jitter). Because it is dedicated, you are assured to have the fastest connectivity and the clearest calls! Not only that, if in very rare cases that the dedicated circuit is not available (due to earthquakes, etc.), your VoIP packets will travel via the standard routing which ensures continuous calling no matter what.